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Knitpro Knit Blockers will change your life! OK, maybe we are exaggerating, but they will make blocking your knitted garments infinitely quicker and easier. This kit contains 20 Knit Blockers of two different sizes to manage different shapes when blocking. Made from tough plastic with embedded sharp, sturdy and rust resistant stainless steel pins.

  • Speed up blocking on all types of projects
  • Maintain even tension across the width of the blocking pins
  • Ideal for blocking straight edges like sweaters, shawls and scarves
  • Perfect to use in conjunction with blocking wires
  • Anchor holes in each blocker allows the user to attach string along large sections which can be pulled and pinned to maintain consistent tension
  • Pack of 20 blockers: 12 large with 8 pins, 8 small with 4 pins
  • Available in cream or rainbow colours (price varies).